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Enduring Erudition

A Problem Defined

Education has long been a problem for our country. It's been a problem for those whose duty it is to impart it, whether they succeed or fail in that duty (and too many of them do fail). And for those destined to receive it (in this country, every child), it always has been and always will be a vexing problem. I believe I can summarize the latter problem by saying that the most of students think they're getting too much too often, while some small percentage feel they can't get enough.

From the educators' viewpoint, then, the problem is what to teach, so that their students learn (at a minimum) the things they need to perform well as workers and citizens, and how to teach effectively, so that what the students learn will stick with them in adulthood. Conversely, for those students, the problem is how to tolerate the learning process. The goal for both groups, thus, is enduring erudition — but not in the same sense.

I hope to shed some light on both sides of the problem. But for now, I'll just present my take on some erudition I've been lucky enough to find in books. Here is my growing collection of book reviews.

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