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A Newer World, by William F. Hewitt

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Sunnyvale, CA Public Library
Politics, Money, Technology and What's Really Being Done to Solve the Climate Crisis
William F. Hewitt
William K. Reilly (Fwd.)
Durham: University of New Hampshire Press, December 2012




ISBN-13 978-1-58465-963-1
ISBN 1-58465-963-7 321pp. HC/GSI $27.95

Detailed Table of Contents

  Foreword by William K. Reilly xi
  Introduction: Turning the Corner on the Climate Crisis xv
Science, Media, and the Public: The Message of Climate Change 1
  "Climategate" 1
  Science: The Foundation 3
  The History of the Science 5
  International Action 9
  The Media 10
  Public Opinion, Activism, and the World Wide Web 12
  Disinformation 15
  Antidotes to Denialism 17
  Public Education 19
  Common Sense 20
  The Avatar of Climate Change 22
Green Power: Renewable Energy Comes into Its Own 24
  World on Fire 24
  Coal: A Global Public Enemy 25
  Brave New World 28
  The Sky's the Limit: Renewable Energy Potential 29
  Wind 31
  Here Comes the Sun 34
  Geothermal Energy 38
  More Renewable Dreams 40
  Marine Energy 41
  Hydropower 43
  Biomass 44
Bringing It All Back Home: Clean Tech in Action 49
  The Decentralization of Energy 53
  Solar at Home 55
  Aeolus on the Roof: Microwind 57
  Ground Source Heat Pumps: Getting the Most from the Earth beneath Us 58
  Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 59
  EVs: Plug In, Juice Up, and Go 61
  "Demand-Side Management" and Storage: Managing Clean Energy 65
  Smart Grid 67
  Micropower: Energy Self-Sufficiency 69
  Green Building 71
  Green IT 75
  The Future of Clean Tech 75
Breakthroughs: From Rio to Cancún, and Beyond 76
  Nopenhagen? 76
  The Climate Continuum 78
  The Earth Summit 80
  The Framework Convention 82
  Kyoto 83
  Moving On 84
  Environmental Regimes 85
  Other Greenhouse Gases 87
  How the Kyoto Protocol Works 88
  The Flexible Mechanisms 89
  Europe's Leading Role 90
  Beyond Europe: Pricing Carbon Down Under 91
  How U.S. Politics Come into Play 92
  The Obama Effect 94
  Green Stimulus 95
  The American Auto Industry 96
  Big-Ticket Federal Government Initiatives 97
  American Global Policy 99
  Bilateral and Multilateral Climate and Energy Innovation 101
  Copenhagen to Cancún to Durban 102
Follow the Money: Environmental Finance and Green Business 106
  The Rise of Waxman-Markey 106
  A Price on Carbon 108
  Cap and Trade: Death in the Senate 111
  Finance Takes an Interest 116
  American Players 117
  The International Scene: Beyond Europe and the United States 118
  Prognosis 122
  The Clean Development Mechanism 123
  Joint Implementation 125
  The Voluntary Markets 126
  Economic Consequences of Climate Change 127
  Investors and Businesses See the Risks 128
  The Insurance Industry and the Banks 130
  Reducing Risk 132
  Creating Opportunities 134
  Green Growth 136
  Reading the Tea Leaves 137
  Pushing the Edge of the Envelope 139
  What's in it for Us? 141
  "Pollution Prevention Pays" 143
  Green Is the New Gold 144
  "I Have Seen the Future and it Works" 146
Planet Green: The Policy, Politics, and Practice Revolution 148
  Fossil Fuels: Will the Rapidly Developing Economies Swamp the Ship? 148
  Smoother Sailing on the Horizon? 152
  The Greening of China 152
  India's Renewable Energy Path 156
  Big Economies: Big Progress and Plans 159
  Green Tigers: East Asia 159
  Europe 161
  Does the Bell Toll for Coal? 163
  Endangerment 164
  Other Drivers of the Downward Trend for Big Coal 167
  The Activist Factor 169
  Global Activism 170
  Beyond the United States: Tightening the Noose on Coal 172
  Nukes 174
  Where the Action Is 176
  The Golden State 177
  The Empire State and the Big Apple 180
  Congestion Pricing 181
  Asian Cities 182
  South of the Border: Latin American Cities 183
  A Big Ticket: Bus Rapid Transit 184
  European Cities 184
  Networks and Compacts 185
  New Perspectives 187
A Lighter Footprint: Climate Change and Sustainable Development 190
  The War on the Forests 190
  The Beetles 192
  The Tar Sands 193
  Mountaintop-Removal Coal Mining 195
  Making Peace with the Forests 195
  REDD 197
  REDD+ and Beyond 198
  MRV 200
  The Palm Oil Factor 201
  Pushing to Sustainability and Brazil's Progress 205
  The Sky' the Limit 207
  The Magic of Certification 209
  Many Ways to Skin a Cat 210
  Food and Fiber's Impact 214
  Biosequestration: Agriculture as Carbon Sink 216
  Farming for the Earth — and its People 218
  Low Tech 221
  Distributed Agriculture 222
  You Are What You Eat 225
A Resilient Future: Adaptation, Education, Law, and Lifestyle 227
  Impacts 227
  Glaciers 228
  Sea-Level Rise and Storms 231
  The Insurance Industry's Response 233
  The Need to Adapt — and the Money with Which to Do It 235
  How to Adapt: Holding Back the Sea 237
  Water for People, Farms, and Ecosystems 238
  Cities Taking the Lead 239
  The Public Health 241
  Adaptation Planning: a Critical Task 242
  Expanding and Sharing the Adaptation "Knowledge Base" 243
  Bangladesh and Resilience 244
  Getting Smarter about Sustainability 245
  National Programs 247
  Reaching the Public: Museums and Continuing Ed 248
  Focus on Schools 249
  The Growing Body of Law 251
  Being Aware 253
  Faith Communities 254
  The Consumption Divide 256
  How We Choose to Live 258
  AC 258
  Moderating Energy Consumption 259
  Sustainable Tourism 260
  Voluntary Offsets: Expanding the Possibilities for "Carbon Neutrality" 261
  Basics: Transport and Food 262
  The Pace of Change 263
  Acknowledgements 265
  Notes 267
  Index 313
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