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Science Left Behind, by Berezow & Campbell

Access to this book courtesy of the
San Jose, CA Public Library
Feel-Good Fallacies and the Rise of the Anti-Scientific Left
Alex B. Berezow
Hank Campbell
New York: PublicAffairs, September 2012




ISBN-13 978-1-61039-164-1
ISBN-10 1-61039-164-0 303pp. HC/GSI $26.99

Table of Contents

  Introduction: The Progressive War on Spoons 1
ONE What's a Progressive? 9
  They're Not Liberals, But They Think They Are
TWO The State of the "Pro-Science" Union 21
  How Does the Obama Administration Measure Up?
THREE Organic Food: The Holy Eucharist of Environmentalism 39
  Don't But that $4 Banana
FOUR Food Fight! 57
  Don't Walk to the Store, Drive—If you Love the Environment
FIVE Crappy Conservation and Clean Energy Chaos 69
  How Progressives Killed your Toilet
SIX Sunshine Days and Flower Power 89
  The Fetish for Solar and Priuses
SEVEN Bring on the Vaccines and Viagra 109
  "Unnatural" Products Can Be Amazing
EIGHT PETA: Professional Experimenters Testing on Animals 125
  Don't Make Us Come Down There and Objectify Women
NINE Welcome To the Anti-Renaissance 141
  Progressive Europe Is Scientifically Backward
TEN Boys Have Wee-Wees and Girls Have Hoo-Hoos 161
  Science Must Investigate Uncomfortable Issues
ELEVEN Education and its Discontents 177
  It Stinks Being Asian in a Progressive World
TWELVE The Death of Science Journalism 195
  And How To Resurrect It
THIRTEEN False Equivalence 209
  The Faulty Logic Behind Fake Logical Arguments
FOURTEEN The War on Excellence 225
  Science Advances Cannot Be Framed Through Social Justice Issues
FIFTEEN Twelve Issues for 2012 and Beyond 239
  The Science That Really Matters
CONCLUSION Closing Arguments: An Appeal to Scientific Reasoning 257
  Acknowledgements 261
  Notes 263
  Index 293

Subtitles shown in red do not appear in the book's Table of Contents. They are taken from the headers of some chapters.

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