Reviewed 11/20/2007

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism, by Christopher Horner

Access to this book courtesy of the
Santa Clara, CA City Public Library
Christopher Horner
Washington, DC: Regnery, 2007




ISBN-10 0-8070-8572-3 350pp. SC/GSI $19.95


Page xv: "As Spring, 1991, neared I was tasked with advancing a particular environmental issue..."
  Capitalization and comma placement: S/B "spring, 1991 neared,".
Page 5: "Amory Lovins in The Mother EarthPlowboy interview, 1977"
  "Plowboy" or "Playboy"?
Page 31: "Kenneth Boulding, originator of the 'Spaceship Earth' concept..."
  It was probably Henry George who first used the term, in 1879. Buckminster Fuller popularized it in 1963, with his Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. It was not until 1966 that Boulding used it in his essay The Economics of the Coming Spaceship Earth. Reference
Page 53: "The obvious answer is that proposing restrictions on energy use as dramatic they claim necessary (and clearly desire) would turn off most policymakers..."
  Missing word: S/B "as dramatic as they claim necessary".
Page 56: "Sinks are forestry that absorb carbon dioxide..."
  "Number error: S/B "that absorbs". Also, this is an obscure use of the word "forestry"; it most often means "the management of forests."
Page 68: "Humans add to the greenhouse gas concentration by not just by exhaling but by harvesting plants..."
  "Extra word: S/B "not just by".
Page 78: "Given foreseeable technologies cutting emmissions means rationing energy use..."
  "Missing comma and spelling error: S/B "technologies, cutting emissions".
Page 80: "Projected, dramatic increases in energy demand is actually the good news..."
  "Number error: S/B "are actually".
Page 104: "Consider Eastebrook, who emerged as a left-of-center eco-contrarian with his 1995 book A Moment on Earth ..."
  "Missing word in title: S/B "A Moment on the Earth".
Page 122: "The ancient Priory of Sion, dedicated to protecting the secrets of Jesus's family life as imagined by Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown, have nothing on the media cadre assigned to protect the secrets of the IPCC."
  "Number error: S/B "has nothing on the media cadre". (Or, perhaps, change the beginning of the sentence to read "The monks of the ancient Priory of Sion".)
Page 147: "This rise would come from a purportedly impending collapse of the great ice sheets, for which no credible evidence exists, and further much of Greenland's ice were Waterworld ever to come about would actually turn into a huge lake due to the topography."
  "Missing commas: S/B "Greenland's ice, were Waterworld ever to come about, would".
Page 161: "If science gets in the way of alarmists claims that..."
  "Missing apostrophe: S/B "alarmists' claims".
Page 229: "The western edge of Greenland may be experiencing ice-melt—and faster the last few years, but as with Kilimanjaro..."
  "Mismatched punctuation: S/B "ice-melt—and faster the last few years—but".
Page 241: "Churchill claimed that all he had to offer was his blood, sweat, and tears."
  "Misquote: S/B "blood, toil, tears and sweat".
Page 253: "...that gasoline taxes would have to be increased exponentially in order to ensure gas at over $7.00 per gallon..."
  Here Horner betrays his poor knowledge of mathematics. An exponentially increasing gasoline tax would quickly raise the cost of the fuel to hundreds of dollars per gallon.
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