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Climategate, by Brian Sussman

A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes the Global Warming Scam
Brian Sussman
Washington, DC: WND Books, April 2010




ISBN-13 978-1-935071-83-9
ISBN 1-935071-83-1 224pp. HC/BWI $25.95

Marx! Engels! Lenin! Stalin! Blood-red Flags!

Sussman has much to say about communism's birth as a political philosophy in Tsarist Russia, the malevolent machinations of Marx, and the subsequent sinister scheming of commie clone cabals. He has studied the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and he knows beyond the shadow of a doubt, therefore, that any attempt by our federal government to impose environmental regulations on the populace is tantamount to tyranny.1

"I have written this book to sound a vociferous warning: global warming is a scam perpetrated by an elite sect of Marx-lovers who believe they can do communism/socialism more effectively than their predecessors; and now, with the ascendance of Barack Obama as president, the scam has reached hyperspeed.

"The information carefully detailed in this book will allow you to understand the political and monetary motivations behind this grand scheme, and will enable you to thoroughly wrap your brain around the science that is being purposefully abused. By the end of Climategate you will be able to explain to those who have innocently bought into the global warming lie that they've been swindled. Likewise, this treatise will provide you with the confidence to confront those who are driving the notion of climate change as a vehicle to bring forth the machinations of Marx."

– Page x

Brian Sussman is a former TV meteorologist. He now hosts a conservative radio talk show in what he calls "ultraliberal San Francisco." In this book he paints a lurid picture of an implacable cabal of environmentalists, inspired by the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (all of which he has apparently read), who have, decade by decade since the 1960s, infiltrated American government via its college campuses. Proceeding from one prevaricating pretext to another, this commie-clone cabal seeks to sweep away the capitalist free-market system and impose tyranny upon the U S of A.

"Beginning with a series of fictitious ecology books in the Sixties,2 the institution of Earth Day in the Seventies, the rise of Al Gore in the Eighties, the Rio Earth Summit and subsequent U.N.-sponsored global warming scare campaign in the Nineties, and the relentless media onslaught proclaiming climate change in the new millennium, we have now been herded to the edge of a dangerous precipice; and, with the selection of Barack Obama as president,3 the powers that be are attempting to shove us over the brink."4

– Page xv

Okay, chapter 1 leads off with a partial quote from Stephen Schneider about "scary scenarios." But Sussman doesn't get to the late climatologist right away. First he has to explain how his high school Earth Science teacher (a weirdo with long hair parted in the middle, wire-rim glasses and a beard) passed out Earth Day buttons in 1970. This leads him to Rachel Carson, "a crafty wordsmith with a rudimentary training in zoology." He writes that Silent Spring "was aimed at the United States: as a society, she believed, we were selfish and wasteful; our system of capitalism was inherently evil, and our businesses and corporations were knowingly raping the planet." So there you go: Rachel Carson: Red Commie. Who knew? It sure is lucky that B.S. came along to uncloak her.

Next up: Dr. Paul Ehrlich and The Population Bomb. I admit that this book goes over the top in its rhetoric, but its central message that the human population might outstrip its home planet's carrying capacity is a valid possibility. That we have so far found ingenious ways to boost the productivity of our farms and mines does not invalidate that message; it only postpones its effects.

And so we come back to Earth Day, the event that Sussman's "weirdo" teacher grooved on back in 1970, thereby freaking him out — until that evening when his dad showed him it was just a joke. But Sussman regards environmentalism as an ongoing occult onslaught progressing decade by decade by means of dubious discoveries by doctors of science.

"Earth Day has never been a celebration of God's wonderful creation; instead it's always been an assault on man. 'Man must stop pollution and conserve his resources,' championed the New York Times in an April 23, 1970, editorial, 'not merely to enhance existence but to save the race from intolerable deterioration and possible extinction.' "

– Page 14

Since man is part of God's wonderful creation, would not anything aimed at preserving man be a celebration of God's wonderful creation? But I digress. Now comes the favorite whipping boy of the climate contrarians: former vice president Al Gore.

"Al Gore would go on to become vice president, with Ehrlich empowered as a trusted advisor. Gore would create a movie about anthropogenic global warming called, An Inconvenient Truth. Despite a script packed with fraud, the film would receive an Oscar. Gore would continue to elude debate on the topic of global warming and still manage to be awarded a Nobel Peace prize (sic: no cap) for his 'work,' using the prize money to fund his PR firm, the Alliance for Climate Protection..."

– Page 15

Hey, the AfCP office is just down the street from Paul Ehrlich's office on the Stanford University campus. Obviously they're in cahoots. And finally we arrive at the source of Sussman's inspiration: Climategate. That clinches Sussman's case, right?

"Though the following chapters will disclose multiple layers of deep climate fraud, providing you with the confidence to articulate your beliefs in the face of dogmatic opposition, the most damning crack in the foundation of anthropogenic global warming was discovered in November of 2009. Over a thousand emails, leaked from an internal computer system within the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom, reveal how a small group of highly influential British and U.S. scientists have for years been secretly discussing ways in which their research could be maneuvered to make their case for human-induced climate change."

– Page 16

I hope you still have some laughter left. You'll need it.

In chapter 2 we get to the mythical 1970s scientific consensus that an ice age was imminent. Sussman pegs irony meters worldwide when he writes,

"The problem with every generation is that a long-term memory of the past requires a determined and studied effort—a fact upon which modern eco-Marxists depend for success. In this age of information/false information overload, even the recent past quickly becomes fuzzy, almost guaranteeing a headache to anyone who racks (sic) his brain digging deeply to mine true facts and details. And that's precisely what the current climate-scare tacticians are banking on, especially the elitist politicians and policymakers who continually capitalize on a society's lack of cognizance—the bigger the public's memory hole, the better. They see it as an effective means to grow government and thus, better control the way in which the underclass lives."

– Page 21

You can follow along as Sussman trots out the rest of the tired catchphrases from the Denialist playbook: CO2 is too small a component of the atmosphere to cause current warming5 (pages 66-7); climate always changes; the USHCN produces temperature data with an upward bias; etc., etc.

In Chapter 9, "No Alternative," Sussman turns his attention to energy. He's right to say the U.S. needs a coherent energy policy; it hasn't had one for some forty years. But here's what he considers a coherent policy: Clean coal, more natural gas, and more drilling for domestic oil — and of course nuclear power. Alternative energy sources have no part in his plan. Wind is unreliable and uses too much land. The same is true of solar; and both forms require a smart grid, which he regards as a cash-cow boondoggle for the elites. Likewise, hydro power is useless; biofuels are energy-sinks and raise the cost of food too much. Geothermal? He doesn't mention it.

"Like Holdren, despite the laid-back demeanor, Chu's a major radical, and if he gets his way, every coal plant in the country is in jeopardy of being closed. Fully aware that soot, sulfur and nitrogen oxides are no longer a problem associated with coal in the United States, his carping focuses on two bogus targets—CO2 and a certifiable red herring known as 'fly ash'. [...] Currently one-third of the fly ash created in the United States is used in concrete manufacturing. The remainder is disposed of in properly engineered landfills and abandoned mines. Fly ash is not a problem, but do you think that would give Chu pause? Unfortunately, not a chance."

– Pages 173-4

Sussman could ask the folks in Roane County, Tennessee about whether fly ash is a problem. He'd get an earful.6 But all this must be moot, in Sussman's view, for as he explains in Chapter 8, the UN is poised to start calling the shots in America. Even what he refers to as "the gargantuan, $787 billion, 2009 Congressional 'stimulus' bill, deceptively entitled the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" (page 154) shows how Congress is in the UNFCCC's pocket. All those billions targeted at clean energy! (Page 154 provides a list.) And the EPA? "I've never been a big fan of the EPA—it's a division of the federal government that is regularly used to curtail free enterprise and usurp private property." (Page 79) He said that. He must have forgotten to point out how it kills jobs — to remind us that the EPA is a lean, mean, job-killing machine. (I wonder what Sussman thinks now, with expanded domestic drilling for oil and natural gas, and the Obama administration permitting construction on the southern leg of Keystone XL and likely to open up the Arctic to Shell Oil. Maybe he thinks it's all a distraction from the real agenda — Agenda 21, of course.)

If Colonel Jack O'Neill were real and had read Climategate, I feel he would be compelled to say, "This book is durentis!" — even if his brain did not contain the knowledge of the Ancients. Sussman had an illustrious career as a meteorologist; even I heard of him. But in this book he seriously misrepresents the problem he purports to be solving. The book is worth reading only as another example of disinformation.

1 Yes, he really does write like that, using alliteration and all the loaded adjectives common to the conspiracy-monger set. He's too practiced a communicator not to be using these with intent. (Only, he fails alliteration 101 because he omits words like "malevolent" and "sinister" and "clone.")
2 He no doubt means Silent Spring above all.
3 Did you catch his use of that word "selection"? He doesn't believe Obama won fairly. And he knows Obama is a communist because of his comment to Joe Wurzelbacher about "spreading the wealth around" and because the chairman of the Communist Party USA said that with Obama in the White House "an era of progressive change is within reach." Yeah, that clinches it.
4 What, Nixon? Nixon, you say? He was one of them too: he established the EPA. He was just better at hiding it.
5 "Carbon dioxide comprises 38/1000ths of the earth's atmosphere, and of that amount, a mere 3 percent is generated by mankind." (Page 67, in bold)
6 Fly ash is not the same as coal slurry, which is refuse left over from the washing of newly mined coal. But both are stored in slurry ponds, both can and have spilled out onto local communities, and both contain toxic chemicals. The Roane County spill occurred on 22 Dec 2009 when 1.1 billion US gallons of sludge broke from a holding pond at the TVA's Kingston power plant.
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