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The Demise of Nuclear Energy?, by Morone & Woodhouse

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Library of San Jose State University
Lessons for Democratic Control of Technology
Joseph G. Morone
Edward J. Woodhouse
New Haven: Yale University Press, April 1989




ISBN-13 978-0-300-04449-2
ISBN-10 0-300-04449-6 172pp. HC/GSI $21.00


Page 7: Footnote ?: "The Union of Concerned Scientists (eds), Safety Second..."
  Omits the name of the principal writer, Michelle Adato.
Page 9: Footnote 23: "Leonard G. Brooks & Homa Motamen (eds), The Economics of Nuclear Energy (London: Chapman & Hall, 1984)"
  The first author's last name is "Brookes." (His co-author is Homa Motamen-Scobie, but I presume this changed after 1989.)
Page 22: Footnote 59: "Nuclear America: A Historic Biography"
  S/B "Bibliography".
Page 37: Footnote 28: "The alternatives were a helium-cooled, beryllium-moderated reactor, a sodium-cooled beryllium-moderated reactor, and a bismuthalloy-cooled, beryllium-moderated reactor."
  Missing hyphen: S/B "bismuth-alloy-cooled".
Page 44: Footnote 47: "Murray, Nuclear Power, p. 160"
  This is an incomplete citation. It refers to a quote from AEC Commissioner Thomas Murray, evidently in a book by him. Amazingly, the title of the book is totally wrong. The correct citation is: Thomas E. Murray, Nuclear Policy in War and Peace (Cleveland: World Publishing, 1960), p. 160.
Page 63: Table 3.2: "Valecitos (built by industry)"
  Spelling: S/B "Vallecitos". (This is the Spanish double-L, pronounced like our "y".)
Page 165: "For instance, if a high neutron speed is chosen, no moderator is required, and only sodium and gas can be used as coolants."
  Factually incorrect: S/B "only gases and liquid metals". This statement from the "GEOMETRY" section of the Appendix is belied by wording at the top of the page and in page 37 footnote 28, quoted above. Also, many sources mention using lead or lead-bismuth eutectics as coolants in Gen IV fast breeder reactors.
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