Reviewed 7/10/2012

Harvest the Wind, by Philip Warburg
America's Journey to Jobs, Energy Independence, and Climate Stability
Philip Warburg
Boston: Beacon Press, April 2012




ISBN-13 978-0-8070-0107-3
ISBN 0-8070-0107-4 244pp. HC/GSI $27.95


Page 44: "Tyler Glass, a twenty-one-year-old fix-it guy and 3-D computer designer has just finished his training..."
  Confusing: Does he design 3-D computer graphics? If so, there's a word missing. Otherwise, this makes no sense.
Page 102: "The disaster at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex came as the next tragic reminder of nuclear power's menace. [...] Should nuclear safety experts really have to plan for a double blow as an earthquake of practically unprecedented magnitude and a tidal wave of epic proportions hitting the same reactor complex in rapid succession?"
  In a word, Yes — if the nuclear complex is located on the shore of the Sea of Japan. But the real problem with this is conflating the careless design of the Fukushima reactors with "nuclear power's menace."
Page 103: "By the time President Obama delivered on a campaign promise to halt further work on the Yucca project in 2009..."
  Missing word: S/B "the Yucca Mountain project".
Page 103: "With Yucca on hold indefinitely..."
  Missing word: S/B "Yucca Mountain".
Page 104: "Even the carbon-neutrality claim about nuclear power is notably weak."
  Overblown objection. I discuss this elsewhere.
Page 155: "These disruptions, taken together, create what she calls 'Visceral Vibratory Vestibular Disturbance'."
  Its vorticular quality exerts a vertiginous influence. Sometimes it's violent, sometimes vivid... always vexatious.
Page 165: "The Zephyr and TransWest Express, relying on extra-high voltage current, will be much more energy-conserving..."
  Missing hyphen: S/B "extra-high-voltage current" (or just "extra-high voltage".)
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